Superior Insight and Innovation

Sample Projects
Conducted customized on-site Sequel ViewPoint training at many dealerships to query DBS files specific to job responsibilities.  Training included manuals with step-by-step instructions, hands-on query creation, training exercises and on-screen presentations.  DBS main file listing also provided.  


Created Sequel Views/Scripts to automate DBS job parameters including date, store and other variables.  Automated jobs include:  EMJN5700S; EMJN6000S; FNJN4000S; FNJN4100S; NRJN4000S; NRJN4005A and FNJN5200S and many more. 


Reviewed DBS/DBSi data mapping for 13 dealers. Created Sequels to validate downloads and documented potential issues and comments regarding dealer data.  Mapped Coda/SAP files for Receivables interface and Equipment information.  Coordinated peripheral system interfaces.



Outlined assessment agenda and reviewed background documentation.  Conducted 2 day on-site dealer personnel interviews.  Tabulated and reviewed results. Compiled comments and recommendations specific to dealer needs.



Created a program to download current inventory model rental rates for a requested division and/or default (*) to an Excel file for mass rental rate updates.  Procedure includes file upload and update of regular, customer and promotional rental rates.


Created a program to easily shift equipment between Prime Product and Attachment inventories within the DBS EMS system.  This program helps dealers fix issues with equipment received into the wrong inventory in error.



Worked with software vendor, created report documentation and glossary of terms and outlined an overall system usage schematic.  Researched system problems and solutions.  Set up ODBC connectivity to software tables to facilitate query interfaces.



Assisted with Sequel queries including work orders, parts masters, property tax, HR data and commissions.  Created custom reports, as needed.  Designed multiple Management Dashboards. Created files for software migration. Trained personnel on DBS usage and data validation. Created data interfaces from a third-party GPS tracking system to DBS. And much, much more!



Worked with Dealer CRM Project Team to create Functional Requirements list including weighting metrics used during Vendor demonstrations.  Facilitate Request for Proposal document creation.  Present third-party objective views and recommendations.